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Bike Racks for Fat Bikes

2013-11-05 at 04:20 am

Fat Bike Roof and Hitch Mount Bike Racks

Have a Fat Bike? Need a way to carry it to your favourite biking destination? Racks For Cars has you covered. We carry the most extensive selection of hitch bike racks and roof bike racks to carry fat bike. We have options roof mounted fat bike racks from Kuat and Rockymounts and hitch mounted fat bike racks from Thule, Hollywood, Kuat, Saris, and Yakima. We stock and display all of our Fat Bike Rack options at both of our Edmonton Store Locations and also offer Free Shipping across Canada to cities such as Calgary, Vancouver, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottowa, Montreal and more.

Roof Mount Fat Bike Carriers

There are currently two roof mount bike racks which will carry Fat Bikes. The Kuat Trio is the only fork mount bike rack which will work with fat bikes and the Rockymounts Brassknuckles is the only upright wheel mounted bike rack that will work with fat bikes.

Kuat Trio with 9mm or 15mm Fat Bike Adapter

The Kuat Trio, available in either Flat Black or Gun Metal Grey, can be used to carry fat bikes with the of one of their Fat Bike Adapters. Kuat makes three adapters to fit different styles of forks. Fat Bikes with standard 9mm drop out forks will need to use the 9mm Trio Fat Bike Adapter, Fat Bikes with 15mm Thru Axles and 142mm wide forks will need to use the 15mm x 142mm Trio Fat Bike Adapter, and Fat Bikes with 15mm Thru Axles and 150mm wide forks will need to use the 15mm x 150mm Trio Fat Bike Adapter. Included in each Fat Bike Adapter is also a wheel strap extension so that you don’t have to use a bungee cord or tie down strap to secure your rear wheel.

The Kuat Trio, formerly known as the Kuat Rufee, includes universal mounting hardware which allows the bike rack to attach to Thule crossbars, Yakima crossbars, most other aftermarket crossbars, as well as most factory installed crossbar systems. The Trio includes a locking cable which extends out of the rear of the bike tray and loops through your rear tire and rear stay and then locks back to itself keeping your valueable bike locked to your bike rack. The Trio is intelligently designed to work with 9mm drop outs, 15mm Thru Axles, and 20mm Thru Axles so you can also carry your regular mountain bikes and road bikes. Included is also a wheel strap extension so that you don’t have to use a bungee cord or tie down strap. The Kuat Trio and Fat Bike Adapter are a very popular option one so if you have jumped on the Fat Bike wagon I’d pick one up before we run out of stock!


Kuat Trio Fork Mount Bike Carrier Fits 9mm, 15mm, 20mm, 9mm Fat Bike, and 15mm Fat Bike

Rockymounts Brassknuckles with Fattie Fat Bike Adapter

The Rockymounts Brassknuckles is an upright wheel mounted bike rack which can fit fat bikes with the use of the Fattie Fat Bike adapter. The Fattie Fat Bike Adapter replaces the bracket which supports the rear of the front tire. This will allow for up to a 5 inch wide tire. The Fattie also includes a wheel strap extension to secure the rear wheel properly. The Brassknuckles bike carrier grabs over the front tire of the bike securing the bike into position. You can lock your bike into the rack by purchasing Rockymount Lock Cores - the BrassKnuckles requires two lock cores, one to lock the bike to the rack and one to lock the bike rack to the roof rack.


Rockymounts Brassknuckles Fattie Fat Bike Adpater



Hitch Mount Fat Bike Carriers

There are a few different hitch mounted options for carrying your fat bike. Currently there are options from Thule, Saris, Hollywood, and Kuat. The Thule T2 can be used to carry fat bikes using the 919 Fat Tire Adapter, the Saris Superclamp, Freedom, and Freedom Spare Tire can be used to carry fat bikes with the use of the Saris Fat Tire Adapter, the Hollywood Sportrider series racks can be used to carry fat bikes with the Hollywood Fat Tire Adapter, you can also use the Kuat NV to carry fat bikes with the NV Strap Extender.

Thule T2 with 919 Fat Bike Adapter

The Thule T2 hitch mount bike rack is now compatible with fat bikes if you use the 919 Thule Fat Bike Adapter. This adapter includes a wider front and back wheel tray to accommodate wider tires. This adapter works with the current 916XTR, 917XTR as well as the 916XT and 917XT models. Since this adapter is sold on a per bike basis you will need to purchase as many adapters as required to haul your fat bikes. The T2 uses the same arm system as the 594XT Sidearm so it will fit over the tire of pretty much any Fat Bike. The benefit of this tray style is they are designed to carry bigger, heavier, beefier bikes. Fat Bikes although not as heavy as some Downhill Bikes they are normally heavier than your average mountain bike and will sometimes exceed the weight capacity of a hanging style bike rack. Always keep the weight of your bikes and the capacity of your hitch in mind when purchasing a Hitch Mount Bike Carrier.


Thule Fat Bike Kit add on for Thule T2 Hitch Bike Rack


Saris Superclamp, Freedom, and Freedom Spare Tire with Saris Fat Tire Kit

Saris now has multiple hitch bike racks that can carry fat bikes. Using the Saris Fat Bike Kit you can mount your fat bike onto the Saris Superclamp 2 Bike, Saris Super Clamp 4 Bike, Saris Freedom 2 Bike, Saris Freedom 4 Bike, and Saris Freedom Spare Tire 2 Bike. The Saris Fat Tire Kit replaces the wheel trays on any of the Freedom or Superclamp bike racks to accomodate up to a 5" wide tire. The Fat Tire Kit also includes a longer wheel strap to properly secure your tires.

Saris Fat Tire Kit for Superclamp and Freedom Racks

Hollywood Sportrider with Fat Bike Adapter

The Hollywood Sportrider series racks such as the HR100 Sportrider 2 Bike and HR1400 Sportrider 4 Bike can now carry fat bikes when using the Hollywood Fat Bike Adapter. This fat tire kit includes 2 replacement tire hoops which will accomdate up to 5" wide tires. The kit includes two wheel hoops which is enough to carry one fat bike. Although the Hollywood Fat Tire Adpater was designed to fit on Hollywood Racks it will also fit on the Swagman 64670 XTC and the Sportrack SR2901 2 EZ.

Hollywood Sportride Fat Tire Kit


Kuat NV with NV Strap Extender for Fat Tires

The Kuat NV hitch bike rack available in either Flat Black or Gun Metal Grey can accomodate fat bikes with up to 4 inch wide tires when used with the Kuat NV Strap Extender. The Strap Extender connects to the rear wheel strap which comes with the Kuat NV to lengthen it to wrap around your rear wheel on your fat bike. The front tire of your fat bike will simply sit into the front wheel tray. It may not actual sit inside the tray but just on top of the tray. If you have properly secured the hook over the front tire this will hold the bike in place.

Kuat NV Strap Extender for Fat Bikes

Hanging Style Hitch Mount Racks

On most Fat Bikes, although the tires may look odd to the average cyclist the frames are normally quite simple. This gives you the ability to hang the bike by the frame and not have to worry about the wheels fitting into a tray or hoop. The things you will have to worry about here are: weight capacity of your rack and hitch, clearance to the ground (the really big fat bike wheel and tire combos can put you at 30” causing your tires to hang awfully close to the ground on certain vehicles and racks), and frame geometry/materials. Bring in or send us a picture of your bike and know the weight of your bike when looking at this solution. On full suspension frame fat bikes or carbon fibre frame fat bikes you would be best to go with one of the platform style hitch bike racks or one of the roof mount bike racks instead.

Truck Box Mount Fat Bike Carriers

There are a lot of trucks around Alberta and although we have seen a trend of customers opting for smaller vehicles for some folks a truck is a necessity, be it for work or for pleasure. So of course there are some truck box mounted options for hauling your fat bike around. Kuat Racks, who are known for their popular NV hitch rack also makes one of the cheapest bike racks on the market, the Dirtbag. The Dirtbag is a simple bolt on fork block which is available as a Fat Bike 9mm, and Fat Bike 15mm for 142mm wide forks. These can be bolted right to the bed rail or box of your truck or to a piece of wood or used for other custom rack options.

If you have any other questions about options for carrying Fat Bikes or need assistance selecting which option is best for you feel free to give us a call or send us an email.

Happy cold snowy trails,

Dustin Chipchura

By Dustin Chipchura