Swagman 64760 Tailwhip Tailgate Pad Full Size 61"

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The Swagman 64760 Tailwhip Full size truck pad is used to protect the tail gate of your truck while also providing a secure hold to your bike. The Swagman 64760 is designed for full size trucks and runs 61 inches in width from side to side. The Tailwhip utlizes a daisy chain that runs almost the whole length of the pad giving you plenty of different options for positioning your bikes. The Swagman 64760 Tailwhip gives you the ability to carry up to five bikes and includes 4 velcro straps which allow you to mount your bikes onto the daisy chain.

The Tailwhip is made using a high density foam in order to protect the tailgate from the potential damage caused by having bikes resting on it, while also protecting the bikes from being damaged. The high density foam is coated in a waterproof tarpaulin to protect the foam making sure it will provide the best protection to both your bike and truck.

Available in two sizes: the Swagman 64761 Tailwhip Mid Size or the Swagman 64760 Tailwhip Full size the option that would work best for you depends on whether you have a full size or mid size truck.


  • Includes firm high density foam to protect your bike and vehicle while in travel
  • Made from waterproof and ballistic tarpaulin to protect
  • Strategically placed daisy chains across the majority of the pad give you the ability to best position your bikes
  • Full size carries up to 5 bikes and includes 5 velcro straps to secure your bikes in place.
  • If you need additional Velcro straps the Swagman 64765 TailWhip Velcro's are available separately and come in a pack of 5

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