RockyMounts Hooligan 40" Chain Bike Lock

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The RockyMounts Hooligan 40" Chain Lock features a 7mm hardened steel chain inside fo a nylon sheath to protect your bike from theft and damage. The Hooligan is 40" long for locking through mulitple bikes or around your bike frame and wheels. The Hooligan offers a 7 out of 10 secuirty rating and is spring loaded for easy locking.


  • 40" hardened chain, coated to prevent rusting
  • 7mm hardened steel chain
  • Security rating 7
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Nylon sheath protects your ride
  • Silicon moulded lock head is comfortable to use and won’t ding your gear
  • Spring loaded for easy locking
  • 3 dimple keys

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