Yakima HoldUp EVO 2 Bike Hitch Rack - Fits 2" hitches

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The Yakima HoldUp EVO 2 Inch is a hitch mounted bike rack designed to carry up to two bikes. The Yakima Hold Up EVO is a redesign on Yakima's original HoldUp with a few key improvements: easy-access tilt mechanism, Yakima SpeedKnob for tool-free installation and Fat Bike compatibility.

The HoldUp EVO is fully locking with cable locks built into the ratcheting arms and the locking SpeedKnob at the base. Both of cable locks and SpeedKnob utilize Yakima's SKS (Same key system) which means if you already have Yakima products the HoldUp EVO can be keyed alike your existing gear.

Tool-free installation

The HoldUP EVO utilizes Yakima's tool-free locking SpeedKnob which makes installation and removal of the rack quick and easy. The SpeedKnob works by tightening up a wedge mechanism inside the hitch receiver which takes away the up and down movement along with the side to side movement inside the hitch. The SpeedKnob can then be locked preventing someone from being able to loosen off your rack and remove it from your hitch.

Easy-access tilt down

On the HoldUp EVO Yakima has moved the tilt down mechanism to the front of the rack. This makes it much easier to fold your rack down and access the hatch of your vehicle without needing to remove your bikes.

Fat bike compatible

The HoldUp EVO was designed to carry the widest range of bikes possible, from Fat bikes with 5 inch tires to kids bikes and everything in between. This was done so you don't need one bike rack for road bike and a different bike rack for your fat bikes, instead you have one rack that carries all your bikes regardless of what you feel like riding that day.

Expandable up to four bikes

If you have a family or friends that you want to bring along you can look at getting the HoldUp EVO +2 which takes your carrying capacity from two bikes up to four. This Add-on can be installed and removed depending on how many bikes you need to bring along for your current trip.


  • Fits 2" hitch only
  • StrongArm design secures the front wheel of your bike and protects against paint damage as well as potential damage to carbon frames
  • Twice the side-to-side tray adjustment from the previous model HoldUp to give you better clearance between handle bars and seat posts of opposing bikes
  • Easy-access remote tilt lever makes raising and lowering the rack a breeze
  • Tool-free locking SpeedKnob for secure and easy installation and removal of the rack
  • Fits 20" to 29"+ wheels
  • Fits 5" wide tires
  • Gives you the ability to carry Fat, Mountain, road, BMX and kid's bikes
  • Tilts down with bikes loaded for rear-of-vehicle access, this is especially helpful on SUVs and hatchbacks
  • Expandable to carry up to four bikes using the Yakima HoldUp EVO +2 which is sold separately
  • Cable locks inside StrongArm’s secure bikes to rack and locking SpeedKnob™ secures rack to vehicle
  • SKS Locks included
  • SKU: 8002479
  • Product instructions: PDF Download
  • Manufacturer: Yakima

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