Thule SquareBar Roof Rack for Flush Rails, Fixed Points, and Tracks - Black

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The Thule 460 SquareBar Roof Rack Package provides your vehicle with a strong, secure crossbar system that attaches onto vehicles equipped with fixed points, flush rails, or tracks. The Thule 460 SquareBar Roof Rack Package can also be used for custom installation such as mounted onto a truck canopy.

The 460 SquareBar Roof Rack attaches to the roof of your vehicle using a vehicle specific fit kit which includes custom parts for your car, truck, van, or suv depending on whether your vehicle has fixed points, flush side rails, or tracks.

What's included?

This Thule 460 SquareBar Roof Rack Package includes the following parts:
  • Thule 460 Podium Foot Pack
  • One Pair of Thule SquareBar Load Bars suited to your vehicle
  • One vehicle specific fit kit custom shaped to your vehicle

How do I know if it fits my vehicle?

This roof rack package is designed to fit most vehicles with flush side rails, fixed points, or factory installed tracks. Each roof rack package will include a vehicle specific fit kit as well as bars long enough to fit your vehicle.

By providing us with your vehicle information when purchasing this roof rack package our staff will confirm that this system fits your vehicle and determine which bar size and which fit kit your vehicle will require.

How does it attach to my vehicle?

The Thule 460 Roof Rack Package uses a vehicle specific fit kit to attach to your vehicles flush side rails, fixed points, or factory installed tracks. You start by sliding the 460 Feet on to SquareBars, installing the clips and pads onto the feet, and placing the rack on to the vehicle. The fit kit will contain information for where and how to mount the roof rack. Once in the correct position you will tighten the rack using the included hex key. Be sure to follow the instructions carefully to ensure proper installation.

Add a set of locks

Prevent theft of your roof rack by purchasing a Thule 544 - 4 Pack of Locks. The locks get installed into the covers to prevent someone from removing the rack from your vehicle.


  • Includes 460 Foot Pack, one pair of Thule SquareBar Load Bars, and a vehicle specific fit kit
  • The Thule 460 Podium Foot provides the strongest hold, safest fit and has 50% fewer parts than other racks for the easiest installation
  • Thule Square Bars are strong, polyethylene-coated galivanized steel. The shape provides wide surface area to support gear carriers and accessories will not slip or rotate on the bars
  • The Thule Fit Kit is specifically engineered for your specific vehicle and has protective rubber contoured pads which attach to the base of the Podium Foot and attaches to your vehicles fixed points, flush side rails, or tracks.
  • The weight capacity for this base roof rack is up to 165 pounds evenly distributed, some vehicles may be less

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