Yakima HullHound Kayak Rack

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The Yakima HullHound is a set of two kayak cradles that must be paired with either the Yakima HullyRoller or another set of Hull Hounds in order to carry one kayak. The HullHound carries your kayak on the flat and utilizes tilting saddles that allow the cradle to best conform to the shape of your kayak. The HullHound is ideal for carrying recreational, touring and most fishing kayaks.

The Yakima HullHound offers a universal mounting system giving you the ability to attach it to most factory racks along with the majority of after market cross bars straight out of the box. The hardware is designed so that the installation can be done without the use of tools, as you only need to turn the handle to tighten the hardware onto your crossbar system. When mounting the HullHound onto Yakima round cross bars it is recommended that you use the anti-rotation adapters which come included.

The HullHound includes one bow/stern tie down to tie either the front or the rear of the boat down along with one cam buckle strap to tie your boat down side to side. If you purchase either an additional HullHound or the Yakima HullyRoller a second bow/stern tie down and cam buckle will be included to properly secure your kayak. Lastly the Yakima HullHound kayak carrier can be locked down to the vehicle using SKS lock cores which are sold separately.


  • The HullHound comes with two saddles per package. The addition of another set of Yakima saddles is required to make the kayak rack fully functional. We recommend either using the Yakima HullyRoller or another set of HullHounds
  • Comes fully assembled right out of the box making it quicker to get your kayak from your home to the water
  • Tool-free installation makes it easier to get the cradles installed onto your crossbars
  • Universal mounting hardware allows you to fit the HullHound to round, square, and most factory racks right out of the box
  • Spring-loaded bases allow the HullHound to better conform to the shape of your boat providing a safe secure fit to many different styles of kayaks such as: recreational, touring and most fishing kayaks
  • Smooth molded pads protect your kayaks from potential abrasions when sliding the kayak into position before tying it down.
  • One Heavy-Duty Strap included to tie your kayak down side to side and one Bow/Stern Tie-Down allowing you to tie down the front or back of your kayak. When you purchase either a second set of HullHounds or the Yakima HullyRollers you will be get a second set of heavy duty straps and Bow/Stern tie downs
  • Compatible with Same Key Locking System (SKS) allowing you to match the locks to your other Yakima racks
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 80 pounds
  • Product instructions: PDF download (external link)

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