Rhino Rack VA137B 54 inch Black Vortex Aero Bar - Single

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The Rhino Rack VA137B 54 Inch Silver Vortex Aero Bar is designed to fit with a variety of Rhino Rack Leg Kits such as the RLKVA. Rhino Rack Vortex bars are designed to reduce drag that can be caused by square or round bar roof rack systems. Reducing drag also reduces the annoying sound that is sometimes caused by round or square crossbars. The Vortex Bars also include VGS Strips which are rubber strips that fill the top track of the crossbars to further reduce drag and wind noise.

Rhino Rack Vortex bars are available in 7 predefined lengths to best fit your vehicle and most bars are available in either silver or black. To determine which bars will work best with your vehicle check out the Rhino Rack Fit Guide.

Rhino Rack Vortex Aero bars are sold as singles so if you are looking to mount 2 cross bars on the roof of your vehicle you will need 2 bars. If you are just mounting 1 crossbar on your roof then you will just need 1 bar.


  • Color: Black
  • Length: 54 Inches
  • Works with a variety of Rhino Rack Leg Kits such as the RLKVA
  • Used in combination with a Rhino Rack Leg Kit and in some cases a Rhino Rack DK Fit Kit to create a solid base roof rack system
  • Designed to reduce drag and air noise
  • Includes VGS rubber strips to further reduce drag and air noise
  • Available in 7 different lengths, find out which size fits your vehicle by clicking here.
  • Available in Silver or Black

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