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Boreal Design Elite Carbon - Adjustable Kayak Paddle - 220cm to 230cm

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The Beluga Elite Paddle is a seriously strong and lightweight paddle. Geared towards the touring paddlers who will be spending the whole day or days on the water. The light weight carbon shaft and fiberglass foam core blade make each stroke on the water a real joy.

The length of the Elite Paddle can be easily adjusted from 220-230cm, and feathering the blades from 0-90 degrees is as easy as can be. The carbon shaft is a little warmer on the hands on those cooler paddling days and will help you extend your paddling season.

The Elite Paddle adjusts from 220cm to 230cm. Length would be determined by paddler height and boat width.

Low Angle Paddle

Low angle paddling is more horizontal, usually between a 20 degree or 30 degree angle. Typically used for recreational kayaks and touring kayaks low angle paddles are great for a more relaxed paddling trip. The blades of low angle kayak paddle are longer and narrower than high angle blades and that allows an easier stroke through the water which in turn will have less stress on the paddler. If you like paddling low, slow and steady then you will be very pleased with the Elite Paddle

Blade Specifications

  • Surface Area: n/a
  • Blade Material: Fiberglass outer with inner foam core
  • Blade Color: Yellow

Shaft Specifications

  • Shaft Pieces: 2-Piece
  • Shaft Material: Carbon
  • Paddle Weight of 31.99 ounces!

Proper maintenance

  • Ferrule Maintenance: Metal parts corrode when exposed to extensive amounts of salt water. You will want to avoid getting debris on the inside of the ferrule. Do not rest the paddle on sandy or rocky ground to prevent debris from entering and wearing out the ferrule.
  • Shaft and Blade maintenance: Blade and shaft repair can be made with Epoxy or fiberglass kits. You should try to avoid using the blade and shaft as a push off mechanism. Do not dig the blade into the ground to push off

Paddle Sizing Chart

Paddle Sizing Chart

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