Thule WingBar Edge Roof Rack Package - Fits Fixed Points and Tracks - Black

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The Thule WingBar Edge Roof Rack Package creates a clean, flush mounted roof rack with zero bar overhanging on vehicles with fixed mounting points. Fixed mounting points are mounting points located along the side of the vehicle in what is referred to as the "ditch" in the roof. The mounting points often have a cover which pops up or is removed to expose a nut which the rack will attach to. Occasionally a fixed with flush side rails will have fixed mounting points along the flush side rail. The WingBar Edge Roof Rack will use a vehicle specific set of hardware to mount the crossbars to your vehicles fixed mounting points. This will create a strong, secure roof rack system capable of carrying up to 165 pounds. The Thule WingBar Edge Roof Rack can be used to carry bikes, skis, kayaks, canoes, cargo and more with the appropriate accessories.

The WingBar Edge Bars feature WindDiffuser technology and TrailEdge design to reduce drag and wind noise for a quiet, fuel efficient ride. The top channel of the WingBar Edge can be used to mount T-track compatible accessories without the need to cut the rubber strip due to the new QuickAccess interface.

What's included?

The Thule WingBar Edge Roof Rack Package includes the following parts:
  • Thule Edge Fixed Point Foot Pack
  • 2 x Thule WingBar Edge Load Bars(sized according to your vehicle)
  • Thule Evo Fixed Point Fit Kit (vehicle specific clips and pads)

How do I know if it fits my vehicle?

If your vehicle has fixed mounting points, either located within the "ditch" of the roof or within your vehicles flush side rails, this roof rack will fit. By providing us with your vehicle information when purchasing this roof rack package our staff will confirm that this system fits your vehicle and determine which bar size and which fit kit your vehicle will require.

How does it attach to my vehicle?

The Thule WingBar Edge Roof Rack Package uses a vehicle specific fit kit to attach to your vehicles fixed mounting points. You will start by sliding the Edge Fixed Point Foot Pack on to the WingBar Edge Load Bars then installing the vehicle specific hardware onto the feet. Once assembled you will place the rack on to the vehicle and attach it by following the included instructions. The fit kit will contain information for where and how to mount the roof rack. Once in the correct position you will tighten the rack using the included hex key. Be sure to follow the instructions carefully to ensure proper installation.

Add a set of locks

Prevent theft of your roof rack by purchasing a Thule 450400 - 4 Pack of Locks. The locks get installed into the covers which block access to the mounting hardware and prevents theft of the roof rack.


  • Includes Edge Fixed Point Foot Pack, 2 x WingBar Edge load bars (size according to your vehicle), and an Evo Fixed Point Fit Kit (vehicle specific hardware)
  • Bar Color: Black
  • Features a sleek, aerodynamic design with zero bar overhang
  • Utilizes an ergonomic torque limiter tool to indicate when the roof rack is safely and properly secured to your vehicle.
  • WindDiffuser technology disturbs airflow to reduce noise and drag for improved fuel economy
  • TrailEdge design reduces aerodynamic drag by allowing clean air separation from bar
  • Upper T-track with QuickAccess interface allows smooth installation and removal of accessories
  • BoxBeam internal structure creates an exceptionally strong load bar
  • The Thule Fit Kit is specifically engineered for your specific vehicle and has protective rubber contoured pads which attach to the base of the Fixed Point Foot Pack and attaches to your vehicles fixed points or tracks.
  • The weight capacity for this base roof rack is up to 165 pounds evenly distributed, some vehicles may be less

**This roof rack package includes vehicle specific parts. In some cases, we may need to order parts to complete a system for your vehicle. If that is the case your order will not be shipped until all parts are in stock.

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