Roof Rack Installation Available

Need your new roof rack crossbars or cargo box installed? Racks For Cars offers assembly, setup, and installation service at our two retail locations in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Roof rack crossbars are easy enough to install and remove once they've been assembled, but the first time they have to come together from parts. Save the stress and let our install team take care of the first time for you. We'll give you a full demo at the end of your install to familiarize yourself with the rack, and you get all the instructions to make sure you can do it in the future.

Rather than trying to stuff your new cargo box into the back of your vehicle (this never works - that's why you're buying a cargo box, remember?), our installation team can adjust your vehicle's factory rack, assemble and set up your cargo box, and install it while you wait.

Rack or box installations includes municipal recycling of all the plentiful packing materials that come with a rack or box.

Hitch Installation Available

Need a hitch installed for use with a bike rack or cargo basket? We offer hitch installation or cash-and-carry hitches if you prefer to install them yourself. Check out our Hitch and Wiring Installation Page for more information.

Bike Rack Installation Available

Bike racks for hitches, trunks, and roof mount systems can be very difficult to put together the first time if you're unfamiliar with the gear. Since bike racks might not be something you shop for every day, chances are it will be very unfamiliar to you too! Take the guesswork out of your new product and let our guys assemble, setup, and install the bike rack the first time. We'll give you a full demo and show you how to load your bike if you can bring it in.

Contact Us For A Quote

Installation prices varies depending on the exact gear you're buying, but we can give you a ballpark figure if you'd like to contact us.

Looking for Product Instructions?

We can help find product instructions or spare parts.