Hollywood FT-S E-Bike and Fat Bike Adapter

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The Hollywood FT-S is a set of heavy duty wheel holders for Fat tire E-bikes and regular fat bikes with tires up to 5" wide. This kit includes 2 larger wheel hoops to carry a single fat bike or fat electric bike.

The Fat Tire Wheel hoops also include a ratchet strap and rim protector to help ensure your wheel stays safe and secure inside the hoop during travel. The Fat Tire kit can only be used with bicycles. Do not use on mopeds, motorcycles, or similar products.


  • Wheel holders are punched all the way through, and include welded gusset to support heavier bicycles
  • Includes 2 wheel hoops which is enough for a single bike
  • This product is for use with bicycles only. Do not use on mopeds or motorcycles


  • Carries bikes with tires up to 5"
  • Wheel holder brace is 1.25 round tubing and is 7" long
  • If you're carrying a bike with a 20" wheel you will require a Hollywood Small Wheel Adapter
  • Includes extra-long ratchet wheel straps: Total length 17.5" (11.5" of ratchet notches)
  • These wheel holders sets will hold bicycles up to 80 lbs but, only if they are used on the HR1450Z-E, HR1455Z-E, HR1500 or HR1700 racks
  • Sku: FT-S

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